Deep and overstood


I remember the days we had,

Good times that we shared.

Nothing could make us sad,

So much, for each other we cared.

I thought your eyes were like stars,

And you said no one could be sweeter.

Our love was incomparable to a hundred cars,

Who’d have thought it would turn so bitter.

I mistakenly served you a diet coke,

You said I thought you were fat.

You split coffee on my favorite book,

I thought you treated me like dirt.

You said you couldn’t take it any more,

Angrily I said I’d been waiting to hear just that.

In a split second you packed and slammed the door,

Fortunately you didn’t pack what I hid in my heart.

Today I stand before you,

Asking for a second chance,

Our love is going to dance.

In each other’s arms we are going to dance.

I know I didn’t do all the wrongs,

But I am sorry for all of them.

I’m sorry for ignoring your favorite songs,

I know all of them by name.

I’m sorry I was lost for words to say,

When you found my earlier photos in a wallet

I’m sorry I forgot to pay the bills,

And pretending it was your time to pay.

I’m sorry for soiling the kitchen with peels,

And saying I would clean up later in the day.

I’m sorry for forgetting to say I was sorry,

This could have cleared our problems at once.

I’m sorry for thinking I was too much a load to carry,

For you to give me a life long second chance.

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