Deep and overstood, Kenya, Politricks


I step on this stage

Test the mic, 1-2, 1-2 and turn the page

I’m growing older, turn into a sage

Wise beyond my years, the number is just an age

I do my work, give me my wage

Either that or I will erupt in a rage.

Test me; see me flip over the gauge

So hot they got to keep me in a cage

I’m a child of Africa.

Still walking, not a chance of A-FREE-CAR.

I drop these beats, see me go far.

I am no lawyer, but I pass the 16th bar.

First I smile at her

Then I get the paper

Soon I get her

And she smiles at my paper

I am in no team, but I got this wordplay

Grab your attention, listen to my words play

You drop your gaze and I make you pay

My words on your ear, you won’t hear what they say

So dedicated, my will has many ways

So bright, when I sleep they still say “Good day”

I search for you, invade your thoughts; shine a light with this ray

I won’t preach to you, let me teach you if I may?

Months gone and I’m still on this phone

Got my crew with me they are never gone

Like Liverpool, I never walk alone

Hungry for success, throw this dog a bone

I never whisper, pay attention to my tone

So hot, I’m making these words moan

Can never decide whether that’s an adjective or a noun

I’m not a knight or a king I’m that rebel pawn

I use landmines not sprinklers so stay off my lawn

I sweat for this, always reaping what I’ve sown

Falling seven times, standing up eight as I never stay down

In time you will witness how I run this town

So here I stand with my black grenade

As I blow up be ready for I will serenade

Shine till the end of time, I shall never fade

East to West, I never see a shade

I go the whole night that’s why I love a jade

I just became I was never made

I do this for the people, never have to be paid

I don’t chase yet I still get laid

I don’t run, I am never afraid

And hence in this decade, like a crusade, finer words will never be said.

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