Deep and overstood, Life, Love, Lust


The gazing, of the eyes.
The fluttering, of the eyelids.
The thickening, of the air.
The meeting, of the fingers.
The pulsing, of the veins.
The quickening, of the heartbeat,
The reddening of the ears.
The scratching, of the back.
The biting, of the neck.
The twisting of the toes.
The suppressing, of a scream.
The rising, of both of us.
The soaring, on this number nine cloud.

Describing your physique,
gives life to this black ink.
On this one thing, my mind is set.
As I watch your curvy silhouette.
Your meaning, my brain eludes.
Because of the sexuality, your pout exudes.
Phenomenal, more than I could have ever sought.
What you are, Maya Angelou never thought.
Because my girl doesn’t lack.
Her negligee is black too.
And I will be damned if my love isn’t true.
She takes me to places I ain’t ever been.
Because her beauty always leads the way.
I don’t want to ever lose this. Anybody feel me?

Deep and overstood, Life, Love


Golden snippets whispered in dark corridors
Torturous murmurs heard deep in the brain
Ominous winks causing brain trauma
Dark fingers walking in the stillest of nights
My eyes receding, my spirit giving in
My thoughts leap frogging on this velvety nothingness
My ears buzzing from the onomatopoeia of this word
The hissing, the calm sound before the strike
The jittery feeling before the pain comes
The hair rising at the back of my neck
Fingers curling, punching the thick air
I stamp hard, peering in the darkness
Succumbing to the daze of all this haze

Throat dry as I step through these doors
Wondering what do I stand to gain
First step inside and my scent gets warmer
Not only losing my religion but my rights
Avoiding these walls like original sin
Try and keep calm amid this craziness
Feeling the anger boil over to a disappointed sad
Block my thought banks with self control dykes
Take these walls and make an overt home
Fast and decide not to eat my cake
Give up on what’s frank, sleep with what’s fair
Yet again I’m lost in all the dizziness
This quagmire yet again ruins my gaze

Deep and overstood, Life, Love

Imperfectly perfect…

Let’s say I couldn’t write.

Let’s say I couldn’t rhyme.

Let’s say I couldn’t fight.

Let’s say I couldn’t mime.

Let’s say I couldn’t dance.

Let’s say I couldn’t stand.

Let’s say I couldn’t prance.

Let’s say I wasn’t a nerd.

Let’s say I didn’t smile.

Let’s say I didn’t laugh.

Let’s say I had no style.

Let’s say I wasn’t tough.

Let’s say I didn’t hit the gym.

Let’s say I didn’t enjoy it.

Let’s say I played no games.

Let’s say I wasn’t a hit.

Let’s say I had no pride.

Let’s say I wasn’t all I could be.

Let’s say I chose no side.

Let’s say I wasn’t me.

Let’s say I never lied.

Let’s say I never stole.

Let’s say I never failed.

Let’s say I had a definite goal.

Let’s say I was full of integrity.

Let’s say I was honest.

Let’s say I didn’t have the temerity.

To try to be my best.

Let’s say I always put others first

Let’s say I had no dirty thoughts.

Let’s say I never rolled in the dust.

Let’s say I never sunk in moats.

Let’s say I kept all the commandments.

Let’s say I never fornicated.

Let’s say I wasn’t bent.

Let’s say I wasn’t tainted.

Let’s say I chose to be you.

Let’s say I had no defect.

Let’s say I had a better view.

Let’s say I was PERFECT!!