Deep and overstood


We held each other’s hands,
And stared deeply in each other’s eyes,
Our feelings could not be formed into words,
All that could be heard were nervous sighs,
We’d decided to break it off,
Though none of us knew the reason why,
We let go and each stood far – off,
We both turned away without even a good
They had been the best months of my life,
And I had sworn to myself that I’d never let go,
All that we’d meet in life, our love would survive,
I was so confident but little did I know,
Distance makes the heart grow fonder, people say,
But no one said anything about too much distance,
One day your love was crossing my heart like a ray,
And the next, it felt like I’d been stabbed with a lance.

We hold each other’s hands,
And I stare deeply into your eyes,
I’m letting you know all that I feel,
As I feel your pulse racing.
And all the fear in my heart dies.
On the treaty of our love, I put my seal
Then quickly turn back to where I was facing.
You better start to speak,
Or here we’ll stand forever.
Say to me the answers that I seek,
Or nullify my endeavour.
I silently watch as your face explodes into emotions,
Your eyes tear up as you realize what we had lost.
You look up to me as you use my chest as a cushion,
And a magical smile tells me the most.
It was a mistake from the beginning,
Walking away was just an act of denial.
Fortunately we realized it when we felt the longing,
To be in each other’s arms and both our hearts in speed dial.

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