Deep and overstood

Wavy wanton weather

I’m waking up last Monday but one
It’s freezing so I make my bath warm
I’m walking outside with a hint of tonsillitis
A slight cough has just began
I’m praying that it don’t do me harm
And hoping to get where I can forget this

I woke up next Monday with a bleeding heart
Just like this weather people have become heartless
And the haziness in my head like a full-blown fog
This cold am experiencing tears me apart
It burns my face as I stand there “almost” fearless
Tears riding up my cheeks and tongue out like a dog

I will wake up today in the morning
I’m still coughing but this time dust is the culprit
Whoever thought that the sun would blaze
I have found myself in my zone just…well.. zoning
I know my soul and body are not yet ready to split
This unpredictable personality leaves me in a daze

If you can’t get what I just wrote
Then please give up because you never will
Only a chosen few and I can decipher the above
My writing is not a means to gloat
It’s just the void in me I’m trying to fill
This is all I can show you because it’s all I really have

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