Deep and overstood

21 Answers

I’ve kept a keen ear and heard your questions.

I bet it’s now time to give each a response.

Take your hand and lead you through the motions.

Lift it to my heart and let you feel my pulse.

I will now start to give you the answers.

Hoping you will respect the truth I give you.

Avoid the lies that may prove cancerous.

Take the risk and show you the perfect view.

I really do like it when you dress in red.

Though you compete with the color every time you blush.

Not only is your bed good but you are good in bed.

Don’t start giggling yet, I need you to hush.

It’s not a lie you are in the smart ladies list.

And your fighting spirit can be seen, when you clench your fist.

You might have fears but you are still very strong.

And your love for cats does not disgust me, a lover of dogs.

Your voice is magical, whether purring in my ear or just singing.

And enough can’t be said of your dancing, especially the way your hips sway.

In any argument we have, I like your kind of thinking.

And your smile at the end of it always makes my day.

It’s not a lie that my love for you comes naturally.

And the secrets from your lips will never be retold.

You may not have a sweet-tooth but you get sweeter daily.

And your love for me, I treasure than the most precious gold.

Words maybe cheap but I will always protect you.

The world maybe crazy but I’m crazier for you.

You have such style; you bring the word compliment to shame.

And I would never forget you even in the world of fame.

I appreciate you each day for all your support.

And when it comes to dissing, you are the best sport.

Finally when it comes to us, we are the best.

And each day makes me believe we can withstand any test.

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