Deep and overstood, Kenya

Prospective Prose

To my last born daughter,

These are the reasons I’m writing you this letter.

Words of wisdom to your brother and sister,

Tell them why they have to keep together.

This is the life that they wanted to take.

But for you this life I had to make.

I’m really sorry my death I had to fake.

But all I did was for your own sake.

I was there when the president was half black.

The same year we all fell like sitting ducks.

It was then that I decided to go and pack.

But don’t worry one day I will be back.

Your mama and I never used to be this fat.

Whatever happens she still holds my heart.

I miss her little lower back tat.

Just as she misses her furry old cat,

Tears flowed when they burnt down that church.

The flames juxtaposing their deed so cold,

Justice and reconciliation didn’t seem to mean much.

But the fumes from my countrymen were the realest seed I ever smoked.

The smoke in no way made my memory blurry.

Until the day I die, I put on for my country.

In my days I walked my talk.

Promise I made to your mama I gave her a rock.

Serenaded her with my rhyme stock,

Red all over I saw her heart unlock.

This, my daughter: is a legacy.

Be responsible and heed my warning.

See the dog in these boys escape the fallacy.

But still be so hot, add to the global warming.

Go to church anytime that you can.

Listen to the preacher but follow the Bible.

Glow from within shine like the sun.

Follow His word don’t listen to fables.

Before I sign off and put my pen down.

Let me say all and avoid a post script.

I want to see you put on a graduand’s gown.

Be my genius girl and don’t follow the drift.

Let your hair down and be the talk of the town.

Make your mama a present and be her gift.

I could go on with this advice.

But I have to go now protect your world.

The rest will be said at a face to face.

Always truly, Your, loving dad.

4 thoughts on “Prospective Prose”

  1. There is such an intensity in the power of your words that I find myself completely absorbed far beyond what’s typical for me… I thank you for sharing.

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