Deep and overstood

Deeper still

As I was walking in the desert,

With nothing but mirages to look at,

The desert of love and all affection,

I was sure I wasn’t headed in the right direction,

The sandstorms blew making me ill,

But the love in my heart was deep, deeper still.

Everything around me was brown,

Only a shade away from the color of love,

How I wished I had known,

Before into the sea of suffocation I dove,

I could have dug for water if only I had a drill,

But the love well proved to be deep, deeper still.

Suddenly I saw a date tree,

With the wind whistling through it full of glee,

All the grapes were ripe and looked juicy,

I didn’t need a bell for me to get busy,

I bit into a date but it was as dry as dust from a sill,

I knew I had to bite deep, deeper still.

I was not that much of age,

Hence I was sure it was a mirage,

I ran towards the oasis leaving everything I had,

I didn’t see a sand hole on my victory road,

As I fell in, a voice from behind a sand hill said,

Though many venture to find out; the real meaning of love is more than you will ever know,

It is deep, deeper still.

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