Chapter 2. Lovers and Friends

Daaaaammmmnnnnn!!! This story needs an ending..

Man wid'a Bass

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”Hello Alice. What do you want this time?”

”Surely Rob. That’s no way to answer a phone call. At least not mine.”

”Oh. Okay. Let me hang up and you can call again and I can answer in a fake british accent ‘Hello darlin’. How’s that sound?”

”Sometimes I wonder what I ever saw in you.”

”My disarming smile, my natural charm and out-of-this-world sex perhaps?”

Alice shuddered when she remembered the countless steamy sessions she had had with this man on the other end of her call.

”Yes, the sex… Too bad we had to part ways. Hope she gives it to you as good as I did.”

”Alice, I love you very much but if you called to…”

”Shit. Didn’t mean it like that love.”

*sigh* ”What do you want Alice?”

”I’ve got something for you. This could be big.”

”Not a cock and…

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