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I am Hip Hop Tribute – Director’s Cut

This is a great piece that started off in a club in Westlands Kenya and was finally completed while relaxing on some of that old monk with my boy aka Grandson about 3 months since the first 2 verses.

One for the hip hop lovers after a long night out clubbing
It’s the withdrawal talking
Making me all groggy self knowing
Wish I had a large canvas to write about my life
My everyday struggles in aim of victory
From mastering the game to be a part of history
To living big like notorious no pun
Crying waterfalls for the young hommies who I wish were still around
Hate it or love it, I spit my game and stay on top of the world
Humming the Macarena as I write this in my thug mansion
I need some Courvoisier to hypnotize and make it clap my mission
Hip hop ain’t dead, same dream different generation
Ish beats different flow you just need to listen more
Less chronic more documentary, that’s what the doctor is advocating for
Blue print to young money cash money
Give you power even if you’re a college drop out
Red or black album a recovery to the good old hip hop
Just dedicated time to listen to some kweli
Lost needed some ukweli
Heard him query his distractions
Use common sense to testify to their misconceptions
Welcome to the secret wars where we don’t dance with the devil but assassinate him and leave our words immortal
Technique that I’m learning from the best
A bandit but a divine one at least

My apologies grandson I arrived late for the graduation.
I know you are a champion. And I applaud you for going through the wire.
You got that blueprint for going through life.
Made some changes and hoped for that California love.
Ran away from the carnivores and joined Canibus.
Wrote my master thesis behind those enemy rhymes.
Watched my daughter bring you forth through that C-section.
Acknowledged your birth and named you the Master Ace.
Taught you to respect God’s son. And here we are still matic.
I know I can. Never super ugly just a renegade.
White as a ghost but I have walked these eight miles.
Did some biology and cleaned the skeletons out of my closet.
Dropped it like it’s hot and left their heads ringing.
Changed area codes, I did not act as a fool as I chased my runaway love.
Needed some love so I licked my lips, held my head high and asked my enemies to get back.
Watched this throne they talk about and realized He is the only one.
Rode this rough road, found myself at a crossroads and realized that the dark man was the X that marked that spot.
I  made a decision that it was time to grow up.
I had lost my scar, now a grown up Simba.
I got my advice from my father. So wise but he is no Mufasa.
I regret my dilated pupils, no more drugs as I take care of these dilated people.
Bumping some of this Papoose and Jeannie Ortega music.
Purporting that this genie ought to give me a few wishes..

Thank you grandpa for getting me out of my block
Look at my face, no scar
Embrace this moment of clarity with flow tight like am Erykah
Mesmerize and leave flavour in your ear
No daydreaming or find yourself at the rear
A superstar, keeps the show going on and leaves you in tears
Man of the year just ask the snow goons
I believe I can fly just like the Looney toons
Exist in space jam where we party and bullshit
A young simba doing his thing in anticipation to be the next big hit
Lights please, I don’t want anything to pass me by
Sky’s the limit so don’t ask me how high
All the lost ones get back to the topic
No longer a sideline story but the people’s pick
An alphabetical slaughter aiming for some gangsta love
Some satisfaction in the morning coz that’s what it is
Get your mind right coz money ain’t a thing (pause) please
A public service announcement…it’s all about me and my girlfriend
She calls me BONNY (haha) a girls best friend
PAPI, as she sits and watches me acquire street cred
BIG POPPA, a nasty gal who gets her freak on to the head
My a million and one the day we wed
As for the remaining 99 problems I unleashed the genie in a bottle
Topple this obstacle course and ensure you remember the name
If there is no love I drop the world coz am not tame
A second round knockout coming this way
Call me heartless but you still gonna pay
You wouldn’t get far I heard em say
In response….This is my homecoming, this is my day
Only God can judge me, what more can I say?

This grandson of mine makes me proud.
You see he never let me down even when all fell down.
He wasn’t looking to be a celebrity overnight.
We wrote this in da club.
Same night I visited the candy shop and was accosted by many men.
Too bad I am always ready to die so I taught them what beef is.
We shot them up, had the scene change to a thug mansion.
Cops rushed in too fast and furious.
All they wanted to know was who shot them?
I gave a smirk as I realized those niggas bled just like me.
Incarcerated by these devious corrupt cops.
Had charges of being a pimp, see what I did right there?
Emerged from that neck of the woods.
Now I knew how to love.
Boarded that starship and flew off like a G6.
I was now in the land of the mystical amidst all this danger.
Rose up, I was now most definitely a black star.
Met this fine lady and got rid of her black girl pain.
She was no college dropout and neither was she a foxy gold digger.
I brought her out and gave her whatever she liked.
It doesn’t matter what you know about us.
One thing for sure is we will never be dead and gone.

Game recognize game, so what you waiting for; Applause

Either that or you get no love.
Peace out.

Hip hop forever


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