Sometimes I give you lyrics.

Sometimes I give you quotes.

Today I will defy your laws of physics.

Put my pen in, mix the tots before we make our toasts.

I know how good I can be.

The writing is on the wall but have you checked the ceiling.

You can never predict me.

Listen to my words before I have you reeling.

It’s time to let it go.

Because what I am, you will never know.

I got into this black world.

A black man ready to play my black part.

Never thought it would lead me to a black heart.

Lying here on my black mat.

Contemplating my black past.

Anger showing through my black face.

Never winning this black race.

Get swallowed in this black hole.

Watch it suck my black all.

Finally finish my black act.

And then its curtains to this black fact.