With this piece……

Oh please, let it be told.

She smiles every time, I catch her like a cold.

My love is like cancer.

It spreads all over but it isn’t malignant.

No need for the doctor because damn!!!, I’m the answer.

And I chose to insist on being persistently consistent.

Retaliation is always so close to failure.

But regrouping always catches the enemy unaware.

For her flowing locks, I thank the tailor.

Because she is so unique, much better than rare.

Mmmmmhhhhhh, I’ve got to do this.

Walk closer to my peace.

Let the pressure out with a hiss.

And take back what was on lease.

Enjoy parts of life, I don’t wanna miss.

Without a care like my baby niece.

Lose the facade but gain a lovely piece.

Blow to her this poem like my first kiss.

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