Jesus Christ

Power like Him….

Jesus Christ is in the building, power and a hundred trillion blessings.
You all know He got here first, He is the Alpha and Omega and you are all just His children.
Christmas, do you even gotta question, lowly in a manger Mary passed the dressing.
His power is love and its all permanent, that means we shouldn’t forget it.
His power is more than super power, Omnipotent He is, that’s why nobody dares attack me.
What’s He so mad for? Why He gotta have you?
Cause He died on the cross so now He’s your master.
Have fear to wake up a sinner and not ask for forgiveness.
Trying to get that heaven number, one over the Devil.

I’ve got to rhyme like this, can’t be thinking small when my God’s so great.
No one in the world got my back like Him, so I praise His name cause am not so thick.
You can learn how to bless, just by checking his verses.
Follow His steps. it’s the road to success.
Where the angels know you thorough and all your prayers get a yes.
But He can’t force you to be good, freewill is a factor so do what you should.
In His arms am protected, and the one pair of  footsteps is when He is carrying me.
It’s never over, am doing his work forever, so we can live together.
Did you even have any doubt after doubt of his power?

No one in the world has power like Jah.
Church, no one’s to clean for the Savior.
He requires, but I desire.
He got the stripes, and a kiss from Judas.
His mommy screamed, but he saved the masses.
A crown it was, but it still bit His skin.
No one in the world has power like the Almighty.
When it comes to names, He has several.
Jehovah Jireh, Shammah, Nissi just to mention a few.
And his words are true and mellow.
Righteous scriptures that make you call Him the Holy one.
He rules the world and stays true to His people.
Writes your name in the book of life and makes you feel special.
I wonder what you people could be talking about.
J.C is the name and I  don’t even have to shout.

You go see the Father for creation, the Son for salvation, Holy Spirit for direction then take yourself to confession.
All His words are perfect and they are all fit for their purpose.
Even with your burden of sin, you are never worthless.
He rose and came back to the surface, that’s why I got no reason to be nervous.
Trying to beat the clock as I see opportunity in my adversity.
Straight but not clerical, absolutely spiritual.
The last thing am worried about is what the world thinks of me.
There ain’t anybody as faithful as He.
Even if they pretend to have outstanding qualities.
I’ve seen a lot of his miracles and I salute that.
He gave his own life for the world’s sins and with all His heart.
He’s the Way, the Truth and the Life.
He did all that was necessary, healed the sick occasionally.
He’s nothing less than magnificent, am basking in His moment.
Am gonna follow Him to great lengths.
And be awed by his extraordinary strength.

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