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Oh be careful little eyes what you see.

I’m rooted in rocks.
Smell the scent of what’s cooking.
I’ve crossed the desert.
And sands are no longer sinking.
I remember the peace in my liver.
When I never walked alone.


Watch your actions for they become habits.

My voice is a lyre
My truth tugs at her strings.
My life is a hymn but I feel alone
You know like solo-ish
I can see the darkness at the start of my tunnel.
Lights, please!


C’est la vie

Got friends from Cana having a party in my tummy.
Vices abound and I think Roy has the spirit.
Following stars that are Westbound.
But not a wiseman amongst us.
I’m wasting my youth on the young.
I need something over 21.


Yea though I walk…

I’m missing His presence.
Trudging over bits and pieces of my essence.
Her lies taste sweet like ice cream.
Her wake rouses me and I scream.
I’m flashing a full house.
At the chess table.


For God so loved the world….

I had a million dollar dream and a pyramid scheme.
Emerged from the battle but with a crooked smile.
No longer picture perfect but worth the picture still.
In the beginning was The Word.
It said: “Seek and ye shall find”
But I’m the one who knocks.

Deep and overstood, Jesus Christ, Life, Love, The Teenage Years

Untitled 01:45h 19/12/2015

I: God

Take me back to a time.

When being good was as easy as breathing.

And my mama’s words resonated in me.

When her bidding was stronger than a belief.

Proud to be called clean, faithful, a follower of rules.

Take me back to Sunday school.

When I believed in forgiveness.

In King David after the transgressions.

Saul would become Paul.

And the past would be forgiven.

Early mornings, when I’d remove my  socks and shoes.

To be equal to the other village kids.

When my lullaby was the thoughts of heaven.

And not finances, planning on how to break even.

Take me back to being what they called a junior youth.

Looking forward to a life of serving not mastering.

Living for Him not aspiring to attain.

Take me back to the Bible not the blogs.

To learning rather than just reading.


II: Love

Take me back to the fairy tales.

To dreams grand and of sunsets.

When love was a gift and not an achievement.

And a source of never-ending happiness.

Not a path to probable pain.

Take me back to when today mattered.

To when the future was always bright.

Not a reflection of past mistakes.

Take me back to Celine.

To Luther Vandross and ᗅᗺᗷᗅ.

To staying alive and celebration time.

A fulfillment of the life that would be mine.

Take me back to hand sculpted gifts.

To names carved on trees and doodles on my books.

When the thought far outweighed the cost.

And the character way better than looks.

Take me back to primary school.

When affection made my heart skip not beat faster.

When I’d be transfixed in moments not lost in the next.

When what I felt was said and not lost in text.

Take me back to just being divine.

Before I let in the bandit and stole more hearts than one.

It’s been a while since I went out of line.

Lost the chance to enjoy the moment and ran after the fun.


III: Author

Take me back to senseless writing.

To holding a pen and trying my best at cursive.

To when the ink was the blood from whence poured my soul.

And truth riddled every sentence.

Take me back to basic lexicon.

When being deep was not the goal but a happy coincidence.

To when morphemes and synonyms did not matter.

And rhymes came out as staccato as a stutter.

Take me back to real poetry.

When  my life leaked with every phrase.

My thoughts and fantasies saturated every page.

This gift was not even recognised as one.

Take me back to grammatical errors.

To a period way before the nazi era.

So I can write away my troubles.

Let the paper fade away my pain.

Take me back to Wordsworth and Frost.

Before I end up on the road least taken like Poe.

Lost in my melancholic notes.

Of the writer I could have been but never became.

Take me back to Shakespeare.

From thence I can find my path again.

Still a poet by any other right or how I write.

Immortalized in my own song of La “Wino”.


IV: Life

Take me back to singing and dancing.

To India Arie and Maxwell on a sunny afternoon.

To ill-fitting earphones and cassette tapes.

To bitter lemons without a tequila shot.

Take me back to addition and subtraction.

Not regression and plans for my progression.

To learning how to draw, no matter how badly.

Rather than designing a dream house  in every reverie.

Take me back to freedom.

To aspiring to be President.

Proudly sitting at the head of the class.

Rather than murmuring at the back row.

Take me back to undefined genius.

Rejoicing in completion rather than competition.

To figuring things out not judging them.

To creating and not just utilising.

Take me back to long walks not quick rides.

To sun basking and making images from the clouds.

When I’d revel in heavenly splendour.

Not lost in thoughts of what tomorrow will bring.

Take me back to open spaces not closed walls.

To old friends not new acquaintances.

When I’d play in the rain rather than in its after-scent.

Enjoy every living minute, make it a lifetime moment.

Take me back, just take me back.

Crush, Deep and overstood, Jesus Christ, Kenya, Life, Love, Politricks

Rest in Peace The Divine Bandit

In her past they sang a song of victory.
They won the war.
In my past they sang my dirge.
Yet I won the war too.
But my victory was short-lived.
For a bullet fired in victory found its target on my knee.
And as I fell down to the ground.
My bayonet had gone through my throat and then tongue.
To say I was dumbfounded is understating it.
But their victory songs did not stop but the dirges did.
Because I did not die. I crawled to safety.
Away from their trampling celebratory feet.
I crawled to her.
She had seen me while atop her kraal.
She spread her “shuka” on the ground for me.
We fell in love in silence.
Then we became blood lovers.
As her fingers got covered in mine. Hers became cold.
Under the golden African sun.
Her wails were a harmony to the rapping of the “victors”.
In her sobs I found my inspiration.
Covered in her tears, I accepted my expiration.

To be continued when I rise again…

Deep and overstood, Jesus Christ, Life, Love, Prose

Judas Iscariot: Stain or Saint?

It’s been a while since I did some prose work. The most weird part is that I barely noticed. When you have someone making your poetic juices flow. You just let your world drown in them. When you wake up dead, you swim in them and end up at the World’s End. It is when she becomes your Calypso, forgives you despite your drunkenness in her. Your scales and tentacles fall off. You’re free to play the piano and music once again soothes your cold cold soul. Now that I have written some non nonsensical purple prose that some might ask for an explanation to. I can go ahead and write about what the title and the entire post is about.

Before we go too far in the conversation. I will need to state this: I AM A CHRISTIAN, I BELIEVE IN JESUS CHRIST AS MY PERSONAL LORD AND SAVIOUR TILL THE END OF MY DAYS. I guess that will calm atheists down, I am not stepping over to your side and never will. With that said, let me indulge you in a topical discussion that I have had with some of Sanaa people before. At a religious level, people (meaning InSanaaNites) are always ready to indulge, without so much judgement. I believe that’s the way it was meant to be. The inspiration for this post came from a friend’s status update, and comical as it was. It got me thinking on some level of knowledge acquisition that most of us have learnt to suppress for fear of reprimand, “blasphemy” or being judged harshly. I will post the relevant part of the conversation that was had in the comments section of that update.




Oh, if you wonder why the spaces up there, it is because when we (My friend and I) looked for the update on which we had this quite hilariously intellectual rather intellectually hilarious discussion, we couldn’t find it. It seemed someone had decided to report it and have it removed from his Timeline. Bollocks!! It’s his TL. Like really who does that?? *Calm down Bandit, calm down*

Anyway, the content and the questions therein that I can remember were:

  • God knew Peter’s life before he was formed in his mother’s womb. That means Jesus knew Peter would deny Him and He told him rightfully so. So question was, if Peter was really to exercise his “freewill”. Was he going to not deny Jesus and prove the Son of God wrong?
  • Of course with the line above that refers to mother’s womb brings up the discussion. Adam and Eve were not born of man. So they came from no womb. So might they actually have been the ones with the only freewill and they messed up? And is it possible, even God had not foreseen that?
  • Finally, of course the titular character. Judas Iscariot whom we called Judas “muici wa karati” while growing up which translates to Carrot Thief. Without him, someone else would have been chosen to betray Jesus, probably even Peter who clearly easily denied him. Not forgetting the doubting Thomas who even after all those miracles he had witnessed did not believe Jesus was alive again. Like dude, you were there when He raised Lazarus, why would you not believe He could raise himself? Or finally Matthew the tax collector who was more into money, the olden day KRA. 🙂 All I’m saying is, without Judas, there’d be probably be no salvation for us. We’d have had to live with the original sin. So what does one classify him as?

With the above said, it does give you something to think about. Just last Sunday I asked at a family gathering, why there are some verses of the Bible I’ve never heard read in church. Isn’t the whole book supposed to be His Word? I’ve read of rape in the Bible, concubines, Solomon was a modern day literoticist (my own word). And yet when I pen such poems I am labelled a….nah that’s a discussion for another day.

The answer I got was that these were rules that kind of disappeared with the first coming of Jesus. He became the intercessor and we are saved by believing in Him and asking him to become our Saviour. Of course one has to try to stay righteous. I use the word try because I am not sure whether any one person can achieve 100% righteousness being as the stain of the original sin is supposed to stay with all of us.

In the end, my belief in God supersedes the things that certain religions have tried to impose on human beings. The Catholic church still fights with the Protestants while they read from the same book. Ok, I understand there are some differing or additional books somewhere.

The God I serve is in my being, I feel His Love. And when it comes to His Love, 1 Corinthians 13: 4 -7 holds true. Otherwise quoted and applied in how well I know my God. He is patient, kind. He does not envy, He does not boast, He is not proud. He does not dishonor others, He is not self-seeking, He  is not easily angered, He keeps no record of wrongs once you accept Him. He does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. He always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres.

And I will say this as I have said before. The day I lost my religion, is the day I felt closest to God.

I’ll probably get some backlash for this but I always find it so weird. How harshly we as Christians judge. We judge the gay people, the alcoholics, the smokers etc yet commit the very engraved sins on the 10 commandments on a weekly or daily basis. And isn’t judging also a sin? Isn’t there a part in the Bible that alludes to one being judged as harshly as they judge others?

In the words of Mahatma Gandhi: “I like your Christ, I do not like your Christians. Your Christians are so unlike your Christ.”

I am a Christian via Jesus Christ not the worldwide conflicting definition of who Christians are.

And to the person who reported our discussion, a brief word from my friend:

“May the fleas of a thousand camels be with you.”

Deep and overstood, Jesus Christ, Life, Love


The donkey pointed him out.
But I was busy paying attention to the dry bones.
In the valley I became one with the shadow of death.
And the book I chewed was all vinegar.
With a slow hint of brandy.
But the pungent smell of stale beer emanated from it.
They must have served me the bad wine first.
I followed the star.
But she was more into undressing.
And David was not her role model.
She was not dancing to hymns.
But for the notes from the hims.
The notes she could hit.
Covered up his hits.
She ended up underground.
And not that she wasn’t discovered.
She knew many a producer.
Many had produced her.
Pimps were her brethren.
Though not twelve, they found her more apostles.
But this is not her story.

This is my truth. Not a legend nor a myth.
It’s the test of my faith.
The struggle that brought us here.
Where we rise with each trip.
We shine with each limp.
These lions don’t recognise me.
They tear at my flesh.
And what remains, they roast on a warm fire.
With their band of wise men.
The politician, the banker and the lawyer.
The test of my love, the test of my kindness.
The loss of my patience that has me recording all evils.
Revenge that brought us here.
My heart wants its due.
But vengeance is His.
My brothers sold me out.
I’m a slave in her house.
She looked back and now I’m the one who’s all salty.
Her husband has the concubines.
Yet I’m the one paying alimony.
I don’t even qualify to be dead beat.
Like Uriah, the boy isn’t mine.

But this third day, the sun shines.
He’s risen they say but I knew it before I saw it.
Because I felt His hand on my shoulder.
I felt it tug me away from that wrecking ball.
And now on His shoulders.
I won’t even ask my shoe.
I was hurt and I was bad.
I could feel my spent harmony coming back.
And with time my soul’s voice also found a place.
Because I rise like Maya Angelou
He lives in me.
No shame no guilt.
I won’t blame him, for me; He built.
And I’m his child, no longer a Gentile.
For on that wooden stick.
The one they make fun of when they speak.
He witnessed my fall, how short I was from grace.
And as the garment tore apart, he qualified me for the race.

Deep and overstood, Jesus Christ, Life, Love, The Teenage Years


Shakespeare compared life to a stage,

Yet by deep thinking it’s like a page,

A blank it is before you are born,

Then comes the moment that you put on life’s gown,

Though you hold the pen and decide what to write,

The Almighty God fills your pen with ink,

The past is always full of things you did not do right,

But leave it as it is for you used indelible ink.


Think of the present and write the best you can,

Use the best handwriting till your life is done,

Work hard so as to brighten your book,

Let it be attractive to those who look,

There is always the entry of another person,

That person adds another handwriting,

It might seem cumbersome to have one page to write on,

But hold on for what is between you is binding.


The future always appears unexpected,

It’s not once that you find it dented,

It’s as if somebody decided to crumple your page,

Everywhere you turn you find a thorny hedge,

Take life slowly for every hedge has a rose,

Life sometimes stinks but you can always hold your nose,

Better a dull life on this ground,

Than fiery fire instead of a crown.

Deep and overstood, Jesus Christ


No longer walking in the Spirit, he is fighting the spirits by drowning in the spirits.

A ghost of his old self, fighting ghosts, he is missing the Holy Ghost.

The TV told him money, sex and drugs.

His pastor took his money to buy sex and drugs.

Lost in his pursuit of happiness

He has lost his suit of happiness.

Red eyes, no tears. He is full of whys and most fears.

He heard they were fishers of men.

Went out and ended up on the wrong side of the Internet.

His coat of many colors, changing faces.

The courtroom had many colors, alcoholism phases.

He had an angel trying to help him.

But all he saw was her ass.

He is skipping the beginning to read Songs of Solomon.

He knows not the end, believes his shisha puff might be the first trumpet.

They said there would be gnashing of teeth.

So he went and got himself some gold ones.

His pants hang low but his heart sinks lower.

His hair is long but he is no Nazarite.

He turns to looks at a girl and puts too much salt on his food.

He is yelling and questioning, no one to strike him dumb.

The grass he smokes does not strike him as dumb.

He is floating on a stream.

Away from the king’s daughter.

He is trying to part the sea.

Using his credit card before he sniffs it in.

He is fighting men bigger than he is.

His slingshot has metallic smooth stones too.

He is chewing the evidence.

His small ledger is as bitter as vinegar.

The cops have him; they found his valley of dry bones.

The judge washes his hands off the case.

A new condo and Bentley are the cause of a mistrial.

He did not even need to plead not guilty thrice before he won the case.

They call him a superstar.

Now he believes he is God’s son.

He is high up on the ledge.

He is hoping that angels will be sent to rescue him.

The only white he sees is the clouds.

Just before his face and the pavement become one.

He is choking on his own blood.

No one around so the rain washes the stains away.

He forgot about that Lamb’s blood.

That washes his sins away.

In his dying breath he remembers.

He owns up, asking for forgiveness.

Instead of darkness, he is now bathed in pure light.

Now walking in the Spirit, he has defeated the spirits no longer drowning in the spirits.

A real ghost of his old self, no more fighting ghosts, he has met the Holy Ghost.

Deep and overstood, Jesus Christ


The sands fall through this hour glass.
The delicate element shatters as a pebble tries to squeeze through.
He holds in his hand, the heart of a lass.
As his other hands stirs, the potent brew.
The sound of a rattle snake in Africa.
Is just another cue to get down.
At the end of my life, they call me Sir.
I got knighted when the queen was last in town.
Haphazard thoughts, boulders are tumbling over each other.
Memory loss, like my past never existed.
Like a rolling stone, no moss do I gather.
My flashback is gone, it does not matter how much I resisted.
Caffeine, acting like a drug, wannabe cocaine.
Hands shake, like a fever, the anger rises.
Pain in my chest, give me that Novocain.
Handshakes, like a victor, values become vices.
Evil follows shame on you Hansel and Gretel.
Cinderella is the slipping beauty, how stupid to wear a glass slipper?
The big bad wolf is out, Red Riding Hood, you better settle.
My shadow remains nameless, but still steps with me.
Darker than I ever thought it was, both the pot and kettle call it black.
My heart’s wings have been clipped, stumps are all that be.
This hellhound’s bite is much worse than its bark.
21st century, so I put my stylus to the monitor.
I bleed my soul on these words, they come alive.
I am the only one left at the tower, cleaning up like the janitor.
As the sirens get louder, the heist is done; I jump out and hope to survive.

I open my eyes and the lights sting them.
But I cannot close them; I don’t want to slip away.
This life is more precious than any other gem.
Hence I choose it, anytime or day.
I swing till the last hole.
My locks all over my face, I need not shield it.
I bowl till the last ball.
My locks open, inside the candle has been lit.
So here I sit and continue to ferment.
With age, like wine, I become more valuable.
The search to find the lost me, it’s so fervent.
I can’t help but laugh at their hope, so gullible.
Life gave others lemons, I got the lime.
So here I stand awaiting my last wage.
Like Musiq, I am a victim of my time.
Like music, I am a product of my age.
I need a doctor, Still Dre.
I have on this white color straitjacket, Eminem.
I need some water, still dry.
My coat of many colors, M&Ms
So up this ladder I go.
It better be endless and my strength limitless.
Or I will prove the wise men right and end up down below.
Gold, frankincense and myrrh, they bore their gifts.
They followed the Northern star to the manger.
Blood, sweat and tears and still my poetry lifts.
The same star they followed keeps me away from danger.

Jesus Christ

Power like Him….

Jesus Christ is in the building, power and a hundred trillion blessings.
You all know He got here first, He is the Alpha and Omega and you are all just His children.
Christmas, do you even gotta question, lowly in a manger Mary passed the dressing.
His power is love and its all permanent, that means we shouldn’t forget it.
His power is more than super power, Omnipotent He is, that’s why nobody dares attack me.
What’s He so mad for? Why He gotta have you?
Cause He died on the cross so now He’s your master.
Have fear to wake up a sinner and not ask for forgiveness.
Trying to get that heaven number, one over the Devil.

I’ve got to rhyme like this, can’t be thinking small when my God’s so great.
No one in the world got my back like Him, so I praise His name cause am not so thick.
You can learn how to bless, just by checking his verses.
Follow His steps. it’s the road to success.
Where the angels know you thorough and all your prayers get a yes.
But He can’t force you to be good, freewill is a factor so do what you should.
In His arms am protected, and the one pair of  footsteps is when He is carrying me.
It’s never over, am doing his work forever, so we can live together.
Did you even have any doubt after doubt of his power?

No one in the world has power like Jah.
Church, no one’s to clean for the Savior.
He requires, but I desire.
He got the stripes, and a kiss from Judas.
His mommy screamed, but he saved the masses.
A crown it was, but it still bit His skin.
No one in the world has power like the Almighty.
When it comes to names, He has several.
Jehovah Jireh, Shammah, Nissi just to mention a few.
And his words are true and mellow.
Righteous scriptures that make you call Him the Holy one.
He rules the world and stays true to His people.
Writes your name in the book of life and makes you feel special.
I wonder what you people could be talking about.
J.C is the name and I  don’t even have to shout.

You go see the Father for creation, the Son for salvation, Holy Spirit for direction then take yourself to confession.
All His words are perfect and they are all fit for their purpose.
Even with your burden of sin, you are never worthless.
He rose and came back to the surface, that’s why I got no reason to be nervous.
Trying to beat the clock as I see opportunity in my adversity.
Straight but not clerical, absolutely spiritual.
The last thing am worried about is what the world thinks of me.
There ain’t anybody as faithful as He.
Even if they pretend to have outstanding qualities.
I’ve seen a lot of his miracles and I salute that.
He gave his own life for the world’s sins and with all His heart.
He’s the Way, the Truth and the Life.
He did all that was necessary, healed the sick occasionally.
He’s nothing less than magnificent, am basking in His moment.
Am gonna follow Him to great lengths.
And be awed by his extraordinary strength.