Sometimes I sit and reminisce
Standing up is not an option hence,
My thoughts I transfer in a haphazard manner
As fear crops up n flies high like a banner
I slapped my class teacher in primary
And opened a pathway to unbridled rivalry
A maze around my juxtaposed thoughts
And getting a hold of each memory before it rots
I remember what I don’t want to
Only to forget what I need to do
The tears won’t flow if you slap me
But they definitely will if I remember you didn’t
What we always forget to see
is the emotions that are shown through a hint
We let go and decide to let it be
Thus putting nostalgia dollars in the mint
For once I wanna be poor
So as to enjoy what I might not recall
Take my brain on a tour
Rather than ram the memory wall
I hate it when I tear up
But hate is better than fear
I wanna fill the dark gap
With memories of my most dear