Life, Lust


I saw her on a Monday.

Strutting up and down the office.

She stopped at the coffee machine.

And bent to fill her cup.

She had a smile like that Sunday.

A body that would entice.

A gait that would recreate the original sin.

So I stopped and said ”what’s up?”


Tuesday was the next time I saw this angel.

The night’s conversation still fresh in my mind.

She had laughed at my jokes.

And sent her baby photo.

She reminded me of that woman, Rachael.

In her eyes at lunch, my soul I could find.

She was ticklish but still enjoyed my pokes.

For a second there, I believe I won the Lotto.


Wednesday found us at dinner.

A table for two reserved an hour before.

Her look gave my skin a tingle.

And her hand in mine electrified me.

In the house that night we played From Finner.

Clothes would fall down as they tore.

Both of us were single.

And so we let life be.


That Thursday was spent mostly in bed.

Energy was expended for the greater good.

That smile was now more true.

That purr now known to my ear.

She said I had a good head.

Naughty new girl who raised my mood.

Of lovemaking she had more than just a clue.

The memories of last night more than clear.


She never knew why I first looked at her.

But I knew…

It was the legs…legs…four days.