#SanaaChallenge Day 2



I lost a lot of rights.

I was a prisoner in their sights.

Looks more to the wrong than to the rights.

Crossed the road and now my murder she writes.

The judge eyed me suspiciously as she ignored my fights.

They had misspelled my name taking grammar murder to new heights.

Now in a dark gloomy cell, we share stories with a new comrade as a blunt he lights.

It’ll be a good night after all, across the room at the threshold, a female guard eyes me and her lip she bites.




#SanaaChallenge Day 1

This is the first of 5 pieces to be done by Sanaa members this week. You basically take a photo a day and write a piece about it.


Eating healthy to avoid adding weight.

Looked at the pilau and decided not to tempt fate.

He’s all too aware of those instant grams.

Plus, it’s her favourite food.

Sent the picture to her but not on Instagram.

Hot like the pepper that makes him feel so good.

The talk with the waiter was that the fork was a joke.

Because he couldn’t scoop any of the food with soup.

Food almost chokes him in his BIG hurry.

Very SHORT of time to taste the curry.

A great full beginning to this challenge.

Turning back around, he forgot his change.

Love, Sanaa


Here goes my hundred.
As this closed door I dread.
On this ashen earth I tread.
Y’all know she refused to bend.
Lean on the corner post of my bed.
I’m no longer the winner of the bread.
She saw IT and she fled.
I fell down and I bled.
Didn’t know what went through her head.
Yes, she was against head.
Pardon me for all I have said.
It’s just that I’m seeing red.
Our hearts were never wed.
Our souls were never fed.
Our vows were never made.
And now we lie here hash tag DEAD.