Life, Love, Maya Angelou

Maya Angelou, the poem

You walked in just a tad too late.

I have known of you for less than a decade.

Mama of the arts, this graying lady.

Words that soothe, words were your truth.

A bad hand we have been dealt by fate.

It will not be soon that your memory will fade.

I was still learning, I am not ready.

I now clutch my cold coffee in this empty booth.

See you fight for my rights.

You had my freedom in your sights.

The future was your dream.

And now you exist in another realm.

When the time came I thought I would be strong.

My plans have never been so wrong.

This sadness, I wish you were still around.

So you could whisper to me a few more words of wisdom.

Still in denial; Acceptance is still so far to be found.

I feel like I don’t know where I am from.

Today, tears well in my eyes.

You had been that soft cake, that fine wine.

Now it’s like you captured sorrow.

Put it in a corked bottle and after aging it for 27 years.

You have served it to me, without even letting it breathe.