I can feel my system coming to a standby.
Maybe the new palmtop is the cause.
My processor is losing speed gradually.
And my troubleshooting efforts cannot find the source.
The task manager shows I’m misusing my memory.
And my partitioning is de-fragmenting by force.
I have to soon backup my data.
Or at least scan my external hard-disk.
Because my buddy the Pentium III has proven to be a hater.
Hence having him near my peer host will be a risk.
I can feel the worms and Trojans creeping through the trap door.
And my Operating System has been found to be cracked.
I have laid down all my peripheral devices on the floor.
And thus my OSI model feels less stacked.
I’m so low on memory I feel like a calculator.
I’m running on the external battery, no AC power.
Working in presentation mode does not make it better.
And saving on idle time only makes me slower.
My USB ports are all blocked or infected.
And my fan no longer works, I’m overheating.
I’m always on screensaver, you can tell I’m affected.
And soon, very soon my desktop is wilting.

But what is this I dare ask?
Whose reply I get in…..

to be continued when I figure out for whom and what the poem was about. 😛

Kimemia ’08