Even Democracies Have Slaves

“We live in a political prison under the illusion of freedom. We’re drip-fed manipulated information to maintain that illusion. We’re kept distracted by the fantastically outrageous actions of the actors that are politicians. A haircut here, a slap there. Distractions.

We used to be united by blood. Now we’re divided by class, divided by colour, divided by sexual preference, divided by religion, divided by gender, divided by political ideologies, divided by cultural heritages. So, basically, we’re divided by all the things that make us human.”

Just Sham It

Beyond all the corrupt politicians, beyond all the greed, beyond all the dilapidated schools, beyond all the understaffed and under equipped hospitals, beyond all the crime, beyond all the broken roads, beyond all the raising pollution levels, beyond all the tainted media, beyond all the callous and violent city council workers, beyond all the homeless masses, beyond all the racism, beyond all the rampant tribalism, beyond all the terrorism, beyond all the rich people who made their money in the wrong ways, beyond all the apathetic celebrities, beyond all the subservient masses, beyond all the poaching, beyond all the lack of unity, beyond all the disappearing budget allocated money, beyond all the bribery, beyond all the fat policemen, beyond all the façade of a viable justice system, beyond all the hype of governors and senators, beyond all the child rapes, beyond all the “me first” attitudes, beyond all the broken…

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