A letter to the daughter of the land



To the daughter of the land,

The one at whose hut my heart stops.My famed bukusu darling.Mine truly.My mother’s daughter -in -law.The mother of my fourteen unborn children.My good one.I salute you.

You are the longest crush I have ever had in my life;from when I first saw you to right now.Seeing as you are the one I shall grow old with,I have decided to start bonding with you this soon through this old school letter.I acknowledge that I wrote you a lot of such letters during your long days in primary and secondary school in Kamasielo though I did that in broken English.I am taking you back to those our good moments sweet one.

The aim of writing this letter is to keep you aware of some development in my life and to also let you know of my plans for the both of us.You see,they taught us that…

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