Love, The Teenage Years


I need to explain that this piece is not fully my original work. I translated it from pidgin from a very old tattered book when I was in high school. I found said book in a dark musty corner of the Alliance High School Junior/Grieve Library. I edited it and also changed words to get a rhyme scheme. I have spent years Googling some of its sentences hoping to find the original piece. But finally I have given up on it having a soft-copy version. So for now I will give credits to anonymous. It has been a long time coming for this piece to be sent out to the world. Words are like seeds, and from them, knowledge grows at whose foot wisdom sits to restart the process all over again.

My darling love, my little love

My dumpling, my sweet cake

My sweetheart, I go for you

Like how flies go for sugar


As I put my pen on paper

And my nib starts to fly

I very well remember

The first day you caught my eye


You had just come off your car

A bus was to your right

A car swept by your left ear

And you stood up, stiff with fright



Don’t scorn my little letter love

I know my writing is poor

My training not good, but what

I can’t spell, I will draw


Courtesy of:
Courtesy of:


See how I draw the two faces

They look at each other

One is you and one is me

Choose any one you’d rather



This is not a cockroach’s foot

It’s a finger with a ring

It means I want to marry you


And this line is a piece of string


Take and put it around your finger

On your wedding hand

Make sure you get the right size

Then give to this man



The man is now I, Smooth Spice

Keep swelling till I see you next

Accept my young heart while I close

With love and lots of good thoughts

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