The Story In Us

Don’t load that gun,
If you can’t handle the muzzle,
Once you load,be ready for a puzzle,
A loaded gun,doesn’t mean a battle,
Just like a journey,doen’t mean boarding a shuttle,
If you want to face space,board a space shuttle,
Don’t load the gun,learn the rules of the battle,
Don’t shoot , before you aim,
HI SONLose your target,lose the battalion,
A battalion,once considered the champion,
Don’t fire that shot,till the leader voice gives the command,
Coz a battle,has much to demand,
Don’t fire the shot,if you can’t handle the recoil,
As the shot hits the enemy,recoil knocks you down,
Shots won’t just win the battle,unless you fire with your brain,
But the brain won’t work best,unless you train,
Don’t load that gun,if you can’t handle pain,
Coz its a war,blood will be shed,
There is one option,you got to defend,
Don’t load that gun,till you ready for war,

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