Love, The Teenage Years


I traverse the woods,

In search of no other goods,

But a rose of splendid beauty,

With looks of the highest deity,

The winds blow me back,

And the snow falls on me,

And on my head forms a stack,

But I decide to let it be,

I continue on my journey,

Oblivious of my discomforts,

For in search of my honey,

I would withstand problems of all sorts,

Finally I reach the place,

And look all around,

But alas not one single rose,

Can on the ground be found.

Oh I see one,

Precious and smiling,

Despite the blistering cold,

That has sent everything into hiding.

I reach out to pluck it,

Then I hear a horse neigh,

A gallant warrior stands next to it,

And proudly stands in my way,

“Who are you?” he proudly asks,

And follows it with a sneering look,

“I’m a prince” I give the answer,

Only that I don’t appear in a book.

“Ha ha ha” he hollowly laughs,

If you are a prince then I’m a god,

I look myself in the thawing snow,

And I see nothing close to a lord.

My clothes are tattered,

My chin unshaven,

And my face looks battered,

My hair resembles a garden.

I turn around and head home,

But not before one look at her,

I’ll be back my love, I’ll be back,

Only this time we are going home together.

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