Dear all,

Please read the security alerts below and share this information with
relatives, friends and colleagues, and ask them to exercise vigilance at all times.
Please be informed that armed thieves have recently come up with a more “efficient” method of disarming people in the CBD. They extend their Arm for a handshake after asking for directions, making it seem as though they are thanking their victim but they have a needle, dipped in some sort of sedative, under their sleeve that makes one feel drowsy. When their victim falls asleep, this seems to the general public as one who has fainted, they go ahead and move their victim to a convenient location posing as Good Samaritans, only to rob them! Other than the loss of personal effects, there is also the risk of Contracting HIV/Aids or hepatitis since the needles in use are highly Unlikely to be sterile! PLEASE be aware of strangers who insist on shaking hands or coming too close to you in the city streets! On Saturday someone personally witnessed a man in recovery mode along a lane off Mfangano Street . He had been robbed of even his shoes and yet it was broad daylight – around 5 p.m. Please be VERY careful.Kindly notify the people around you and tell them what you know.dos
This message is everyone who goes to school/college alone (particularly girls) – if you find any child crying on the road showing his her address, and is asking you to take him/her to that address, then take that child to the Police station, no matter what you DON’T go to that address. This a a new way for gang members to rape females. Please forward this to everyone, including boys , so they can inform their sisters and friends. Do not feel shy to forward. Your one message can save someone

The Divine Bandit (R)

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