Crush, Deep and overstood, French, Life, Swahili


To be ama kutokuwa? Cela c’est la question.
It has been six months since I started #APOEMADAY.
In those days I have suffered at the emotional carousel.
The highs, the lows and the lowest have smacked me.
And the plateau became just plain existence.
My inner cries hit the highest decibel.
But I had to grab the reins and not just let life be.

Mawazo yalonikera niliweza kuyafuta.
Mwelekeo kageuza na tabasamu kajitwika.
Talanta kaipa nafasi tena.
Moyo kaufungua, mahaba yasipige hata hodi.
Hazikupita kadhaa nukta.
Kidosho aliwasili na roho yangu ikawika.
Mashairi kayaandika, hisiya zangu kazinena.
Mapenzi kayakomboa bila kulipa hata kodi.

Elle est arrivée dans un second.
C’était un tel beau week-end.
Ses yeux angéliques et diamantés.
M’ont fait de prier d’être accepté.
Elle ne connait pas encore mon existence.
Mais j’espère mes poèmes me donneront l’avance.
Pour le moment, je ne vais que la remercier.
Pour la deuxième chance d’amour qu’elle m’a accordé.

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