Crush, Deep and overstood, Life


I am dreaming, fast sleeping.
I am at the end of my challenge, fast typing.
I am pretty happy, thanks to this past weekend.
A girl I am invisible to; is fast emerging.
She gave me back my first faith.
She smiled and pulled me from the depths of my last leaving.
Deep from my heart I burst beating.
It is the reality, I’m not just writing.
Winning this battle is a must thing.
I am no longer cursed fighting.
Her voice is the one that nursed healing.
It rejuvenated my joy, no pursed smiling.
Free and shining, the rust falling.
I have escaped my worst wailing.

My friends understand when I say I am mesmerised.
They do know how far I have been in the abyss.
But now I am out, cue my alertness.
No more stress for at least this vision I possess.
I must raise the awareness as I daily confess.
I hope my crazy poetry she accommodates.
For it’s the only way I know how to impress.
The way maybe treacherous but I will trudge on nonetheless.
She has raised to a new peak my aesthesis.
It is time to assess as I wait for further progress.
With a sprinkle of luck, we shall mentally congress.

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