Deep and overstood, Life, Love


I have been a pirate and now I am marooned.
I have plundered my fair share of booty.
My beard now grows thick when it was once well-groomed.
My skin once fair now appears sooty.
My ship was stolen and now here I gave up on a makeshift raft.
I saw it sail away with all my dreams and hopes.
My sole companion now is this fire that I waft.
My soul feels bound as if by strong ropes.
I have had my last bottle of liquor, my last smoke.
The island noises keep me awake at night.
All alone now I can barely remember when I last spoke.
Even my last song ended with my will to fight.
The days of plundering are now behind me.
My flag was taken down and now serves as my only blanket.
There is no more life to be.
My only comfort this amethyst locket.
Tonight I just used the last of my dry wood.
For all my past sins, now I pay.
Chewing slowly on my last morsel of food.
From tomorrow I will watch my life ebb away.

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