Deep and overstood, Life, Love


He sits alone at the airport.
Even with the crowd around him.
He is in a world of his own.
Where only she exists.
Or doesn’t.
His night and day is her presence or absence.
And it has been a 6 month eclipse.
He wallows in his own deep waters.
He cannot drown in them and Everlast in his ears.
Hemorrhage in his heart which she once fueled.
She now rides 30 seconds from this man.
They are no longer the kings and queens they once were.
This has been war and they missed all the small things.
Blinking on highway 182 they lost sight of the cure.
Zombies walk these dark nights.
Cranberry coloured old blood drips down the path amidst all the fray.
I lost a friend tonight and she will no longer be loved.
We were the only citizens of one republic.
Is it really too late to apologize?
See how he moves.
His feet dragging, shoulders hunched.
And a smile that does not reflect in his eyes.
That cloud of smoke that follows him.
As he runs out of shot glasses and drinks from the bottle.
Father, tell me something.
Where do broken hearts go when they die?
Maybe I should beg for love on the streets.
Take back my nickel from the street mime?
He walks out to the runway.
It is time to leave.
He almost misses leaving the ground bus.
Absorbed in a no love chorus.
He got the best seats in the house.
For the first time.
He looks up.
”Emergency exit, pull in case of emergency”.
He smiles. If only love had such.

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