Deep and overstood, Life, Love


Stared into the abyss but now I’m rising.
Lost a friend and a lover, call it downsizing.
Rejected, hurt and defeated.
Torn, shredded, felt dejected.
This is just life.
A new search for a would be wife.
Love never comes easy.
And the reasons to walk away are never flimsy.
I will miss her.
But I am no longer sitting at the bar.
She had lips of honey.
Her humour was more than funny.
But in the end I did not laugh.
For I had finally had enough.
I will miss her smile.
But all of it was not worth the bile.
I will miss her kisses.
For she is no longer my missus.
I will miss her googly eyes.
That made me miss all the lies.
I will miss her voice.
Not the fights and the noise.
I will remember that year.
Memories that I now kind of fear.
I will remember that first time.
First words I wrote, that first rhyme.
I will remember us.
Even after all this fuss.
I will miss her as I already do.
Never again her boo.
Without a doubt I loved this woman.
But it was no longer fun.
Games were played.
And I wish she had stayed.
I will remember what she meant.
I will miss the love I lent.
I will miss you.
I will remember you.
I might always love you.
But one thing is for sure.
Never again will I be with you.

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