Deep and overstood, Life, Love


I’m sinking, I fell but I can get up.
Bob Marley was right.
Everyone hurts you.
And we always make the mistake of who is worth it.

Social peers, watch out for that social beer.
Social media has soon become my social fear.
Belief, faith and love being shook.
Can’t hide my heart in a book, my hurt in a look.
I’m writing, the challenge almost complete.
The end I had hoped for was not to be.
A reason for everything, a season for all.
Ecclesiastes quoting, emotions coating.
Everyday something new.
Loving and losing, a familiar hue.
Shameless lust.
Blameless slut.
Love is patient, love is nuts.
Grief, acceptance, anger, I mix them up.
Murderous though not as treacherous.
My poker face wins the Oscar.
Like cheating in his car.
I write, I keep writing.
My pen is my sword.
I tear myself apart and let the demons out.
I have to write, have to keep writing.
No tears, that is worse than when one can sob.
How much the wicked can rob.
Lonely weekends.
This here is my soul.
This here is my heart hurting.
This here is my story.
This here is a door closing.
This here is my honesty.
This here is my loyalty.
Smashed, stepped on and soiled.
This here, this here.
This here is not the end.

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