Key in the ignition.
That sound that makes my hair quiver.
Engine purring.
Gave it some gas and sped off.
Changing gears.
Faster and faster we went.
Through the city and to the countryside.
The plains are beautiful.
Covered in green grass and flowers.
No gas stations in sight.
No care as I have a full tank.
Cops just wave me by.
You are good to go.
As they admire the car’s glimmer.
Wheels need no change.
Brand new and one with the road.
DUI, yes I am under her influence.
The whisper in my ear.
The breeze in the other.
”Drive faster”, she says.
”We might get an accident”, I say.
Coming closer to the city in the sun.
Traffic is piling up.
Spurt, engine chokes, the gas is done.
But we get off and push.
All the way to the finish line.
Another race, car fueled.
Key approaches the ignition.