Deep and overstood, Life, Love


Sitting here and seconds seem like days.
The allure is no more.
The earth has come to a standstill.
I can only feel my soft dejected heartbeat.
We never can see the future.
Now you see me.
Then I don’t see you.
The closer I look is just the more I miss.
Spirit broken but I have been here before.
I have before solved this puzzle.
The Rubik’s cube is not new to me.
See that green on one side already well done.
And red was the first as emotions overflowed.
Humans are to err.
And their errors almost break us.
But first sin prepared us for this.
Look out, see the new open door.
As I jump out of the window.
Falling several stories.
But I can see the trampoline.
I always bounce back.
That is what is divine about this bandit.
He knows..he knows.
Life is a gift and you have to live it.
He has seen bad and good.
He has been without food.
But now here he stands.
He is strong.
He is wise despite his age.
He has surpassed the words of the sage.
He knows when to let go.
He knows when to hold on.
Like a fingerling caught in a net.
He has been thrown back into the sea.
He is swimming.
Away and deep into the ocean.
Life starts afresh.
The sharks and whales are watching.
The polar bears are snoring.
But soon I shall grow.
Into a huge sea-lion.
You see me ride giant sea horses.
And the arms of a giant squid are my hair.
I am crazy.
No longer about you.
I saw myself in the mirror.
Crashed through it and retrieved my blackened soul.
Polished and glistening now.
Shine bright like a….what was it again?
Good girl gone bad?
No, some are just born so.
An umbrella for my tears.
Deuces is what he said.
Heart attack..the real heart attacking you.
Be sober. Be patient.
There is still long to live bandit.
So much to see.
The wicked get their judgement.
The strong survive.
And the tough win it all.

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