Deep and overstood, Life, Love


Maroon that colour so close to red.
The colour of love.
This love has taken its toll on me.
Beaten, stood up but finally broken.
Ready to embark on a mend.
Taking all that I have.
Just let life be.
For the final words have been spoken.
Starvation as I was no longer fed.
I looked down then above.
I still had nothing to see.
But this boat had crashed due to too much rocking.
Fingers clench, enough has been said.
Never believed people had the nerve.
Like the first and last sting of a bee.
End of my flight and now they are mocking.
Once a believer, faith and trust now dead.
A master but I have still had to serve.
Lost now at no small fee.
The furnace now I’m stoking.
I have covered the wounds that bled.
No longer on the straight but loving the curve.
Done being on a bended knee.
Time to act up, no more talking.

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