She builds me up and breaks me down with words.
Her look can hurt or warm my heart.
Her touch can heal and still make me numb.
For I have never known a love like this.
I lost my ability to rhyme.
Because all I want to is use these words to showcase her.
To imagine and live in her reality.
To let her go so I can have her back again.
To fall in love so hard I can no longer crawl out.
To shed my shell and remove all my armour.
Tell her I love her in a thousand languages.
No longer embarrassed as I profess this kind of love.
I have seen it all and lost it all.
I have gained the most from my experiences.
I have learnt that Karma stalks every day.
And for all my sins I have had to pay.
Because in this one heart I have found a home.
In these eyes I have found my soul.
In this pain, I learnt to love again.
I know I am human but this love is a miracle.
It makes me shed tears of sadness and joy.
Pride no longer an ingredient in this recipe.
I give my all, I give my soul.
I live for you and accomplish this one goal.
I know I have loved before and lost.
I have nothing more left on this host.
I am bare, I am naked.
I am unclothed, and I am cold.
She lights the fire underneath me.
I walk across the coals with a smile on my face.
For on the other hand of this deep chasm she waits.
For I have done nothing more to test fate.
It is not my destiny but I will make it so.
She might not know it but she will be my last.
I will walk slow and steadily, no longer fast.
As I embark on this journey to emerge first.
The hunger pangs I ignore, no more thirst.
Because soon I will arrive at her oasis.
And there I shall set up camp and make my last stand.