Deep and overstood, Life, Love


We have seen the scenic scenes of the sins of our kin.
We have wandered through the wonders of their blunders.
We have hoped to learn not run from the mistakes they made in fun.
We have stooped as thoughts looped in our minds landing us in hot soup.
We have had to kill our dreams so as to still how we feel.
But still here we stand.
With words that are no longer figurative.
Writing that is not at all creative.
We are shedding the skin around our hearts.
Letting all out and leaving this world of hurt.
I look into your eyes, past their brown beauty.
I see the emotion you have hidden, so guilty.
We are but human.
We have excelled in believing in myths.
While at the same time avoiding obvious truths.
Stories tell of that one true love.
Who is supposedly sent from heaven above.
In all this we have missed the teaching.
As our greedy arms kept reaching.
There is no fate, no destiny.
That is the joy of life.
We have looked for something to blame.
We have searched for the origin of our flame.
But it is right here in us.
Always burning what we don’t hold onto and let pass.
Men that go to war instead of accepting a treaty.
Lovers that let go when the hearts still reside in the same city.
We make our decisions and we sure have to live by them.
Tears or laughter that comes from them become our rightful diadem.
We are standing as humans in this joy of life.
For my fire burns when I look at you.
I create my one true love from what you are to me.
I will never be wise enough to know what I need.
Never experienced enough to know whom I need.
All I know is that you have surpassed my expectations.
And that is why I let my mind and soul burn at the flame of your love.
I don’t have to be perfect but ensure I love your perfectly.
For this life is long, this life is treacherous.
I will seize my fate, cease any destiny.
Welcome to my journey oh beautiful travelling companion.

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