Deep and overstood, Life, Love


These thoughts that spew death.
These thoughts that kill.
This mind that triumphs.
Hacking the broken little pieces.
Then sweep them up and kick them in the air.
The hair at the back stands.
Fear before unknown.
This heart that weeps.
The tears that burn.
Etched on the face, they burn down their course.
Rivers cried, thoughts denied.
Reality that tears apart.
It rips and shreds.
Cuts deeper than the first.
Hurts deeper than the last.
These words that come together.
They work to torment.
Phrases never before said.
Laid to rest he is.
Tombstone fell on the casket.
Killing the awakening mistaken corpse.
Lethargy all over.
The body is giving up.
Ears that eavesdrop.
Then wish they hadn’t.
Eyes that peep.
Then wish they were blind.
Listen, watch the blood flow.
One pint, two pints.
Almost gone. Life ebbs away.
The drought comes closer.
The sun burns higher.
Rhetorical questions answered.
Responses that defeat logic.
She is striking.
Blow after blow.
Jets of the life force cover her face.
The betrayal sinks deep.
The snakes are rattling.
The prey is shuddering.
Pythons of love.
And light slowly becomes dim.
All is lost.
The glass has shattered.
Milk already splattered.
They strangled the cat.
Held on for the ninth time.
They burst the bubble.
Of the best he ever had.
The best there ever was.
The best there is.
What was that?
The present. The best there is.
The best he knows. The best he wants to know.
These words that soothe.
This mind that slows down.
This heart that knows.
This love that shows.
He found a donor.
She was willing.
Now he opens his eyes.
As drip my drip.
The life force returns.
The cat had one last life.
The milk was spoilt.
And the glass had a crack.
Stepping out, stepping up.
There is no limit.
Faith, hope and love conquer all.
And trust makes sure they stay so.
These lips that kiss.
The hands that join.
The smiles that are real.
The legs that entwine
The souls that float together.
In life and in death.
Death never wins.
He is stronger than that.
He has her, his rock.
The foundation cannot be rocked.
Storms come and go.
Winter comes and snow thaws.
Cold no more.
Fever, temperature shoots up.
He looks down.
Steps back and realizes.
Why jump?

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