Deep and overstood, Life, Love


I am typing this in the dark.
Blackout and my phone on dim.
However I can see so far.
For the glow in my heart illuminates.
I can see my front but she has my back.
Flying so high I can touch the rim.
Thoughts of her.
So vivid, my mind illustrates.
I have been down but no more lack.
We are working as a team.
Each day we raise the bar.
Joy in me she creates.
I have had pressure, see the crack.
Muscles aching with no gym.
We have been at war.
But now the strongest love retaliates.
Time now passes, I can’t keep track.
So sure now, not just a whim.
Riding slow in this car.
Her hand in mine, she elevates.
You are the only one I want in my pack.
I want so much to be the last ”him”.
So surreal, we have come thus far.
This new found love, sad memories it obliterates.
I face life with you head on, I can’t duck.
For you are the creme de la creme.
Together again, now at par.
Kissing, as the next step we deliberate.

4 thoughts on “#APoemADay14”

  1. Great piece of writing! Love the way there is an acknowledgment of struggle in there, yet a confidence that those struggles have made things better, stronger, more resilient!

    Really well written, thanks for sharing..

    Miss Lou

      1. I agree – Loosing love is hard, though there are always opportunities for us to learn and grow – If we CHOOSE to accept them 🙂

        Sounds like you are working through things as best you can at this point. 🙂

        Thanks also for taking the time to respond 🙂


      2. Yes, for me, the mind rest is what I yearn for more than even physical or sexual rest or rejuvenation. And that is slowly coming up. The poems till number 20 are over a month old. my number 30 you will know where I will be presently. I will also take the time to read your work. 😀

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