Deep and overstood, Life, Love


They say I am too deep.
I take a gulp and not a sip.
A closed cup full of love don’t let it seep.
Sway in life but don’t let it dip.
They say I am in love too deep.
Into and in her so deep.
No alarms, not a beep.
So clear not a blip.
Faithful, I don’t creep.
Reality is better than dreams so no sleep.
Hold her, not too tight a grip.
Walking steady, don’t slip.
The full film, not a clip.
So into me, drip by drip.
To the front, we don’t flip.
No yatch , just a ship.
Counting hearts, no sheep.
Attitude, hand on hip.
Rough roads, need a Jeep.
Trusting, I take a leap.
Shirt off, see her bite her lip.
Closed shades, not a peep.
Sowed, now time to reap.
Full account, not just the tip.
Tears, happy, don’t weep.
She is finally mine to have and to keep.

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