Deep and overstood, Life, Love


Breaking down the door.
Glass shatters on the floor..
The TV flickers.
Re-showing some past bloopers.
The carpet is stained.
Where we wined and dined.
Crystal sticks to the walls.
As the art falls.
Red eyes, runny nose.
She cries, She knows.
Ripped arms, not striking.
He swarms, not liking.
Brain seizures, thoughts evading.
Pair of scissors, hair shaving.
Sad, he is mourning.
Bad, every morning.
Bed unmade.
Sleep deprived, the undead.
The gas is on.
Explosion and we are both gone.

Hands reaching.
Remembering the teaching.
Lips touch.
Hands search.
Buttons flying.
No more crying.
One body again.
So much to gain.
Her love, my elixir.
Drunk, no longer on liquor.
Windows translucent.
Full moon, no crescent.
The joy she brings.
She coos as she sings.
Lost in her eyes.
No more sorrowful good-byes.
Playing with her hair.
Life is no longer a dare.
Laughter is back, starting today.
This happy place is where we will stay.

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