Deep and overstood, Life, Love


I found this field.
A bit expensive I almost didn’t yield.
But it made me smile.
So I gave all that was mine in a pile.
Saved up some more.
Blood, sweat and tears made me sore.
Did a thorough clean up.
Fixed each and every gap.
Laid a deep foundation.
Careful about my formation.
Raised the walls and made them strong.
For this is where I would belong.
Going up, eight storeys.
Closer to cloud nine, smiling at past glories.
Added a strong roof.
At this, I am no goof.
For the holes in the walls I added some windows.
Too see the future through as we lay on our pillows.
Done with the floors now, beautiful tiles.
Everyone will be weak at her wiles.

I found a partner, she is the best.
Interior decoration, aesthetic value to this nest.
She added crystal chandeliers in the sitting room.
Perfect corridors for a bride and groom.
Lights on the walls that sparkle.
Embers in the chimney that crackle.
She laid out an oak desk in the study.
Hardwood is always so sturdy.
Some classic paintings on the wall.
Added life to the hall.
She painted the kids’ bedrooms pink and blue.
A future boy and girl would delight in the hue.
She set up my old telescope on the highest floor.
So we could relax there later behind a closed-door.
The bed room was all her work.
That’s how the bathroom ended up with a toy duck.
Metallic king sized bed.
With pillows so soft for one’s head.
Duvets so bright and thick.
For the time we did not have to leave for a week.

I found some undeveloped land.
I found a partner.
We made the best use of sand.
Together we were way smarter.
We worked to build a house.
No longer would we roam.
How? None of us really knows.
But we ended up building a home.

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