Deep and overstood, Life, Love


Don’t cry for me little butterfly.
The wind that carries you ain’t shy.
The cocoon that begot you trusts you.
I know you can, watch this view.
The valleys, mountains down below.
They give you a show.
Rivers curve and wind.
See those trees that bind?
You are in the air my little one.
Watch out for them birds as you have fun.
They fly up high above your altitude.
They smack their beaks at your attitude.
They fly in the clouds.
Dark shadows are where they are found.
They are faster but you see them from afar.
You kick into gear early like a car.
Moving at top speed towards the safe place.
Where a bald eagle lover has greater pace.
Between you and them, he flies.
They run away, hear their cries.
Don’t cry for me little butterfly
The love protecting you ain’t shy.
The eagle that watches you is always close.
Ready to pounce. Like a boss.

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