By and by the river flows.
By and by the snow thaws.
The boat flows steadily.
Not a care in the world, so not speedily.
Hands caress the gentle water.
Clear, clean and no clutter.
Suddenly awake, what was that?
The boat is rocking and moving fast.
Oh Lord, it is a waterfall.
Just the two of us and no one to call.
This is it we tell ourselves.
About to lose, our better halves.
We will go down, Titanic.
Jewellery so cheap, ironic.
We pause in mid-air then head down.
Holding each other, never alone.
We hold our breath, ready to die.
One final kiss, such a goodbye.
All around is darkness.
Heartfelt sadness.
But soon the water is warmer.
The tempest a bit calmer.
We are emerging from the fight.
And we can all see the sunlight.
I hold her hand and swim for the shore.
We have won my love, for sure.
On the other side of the river, we found an ocean.
And for now, this time we will leave frozen.