Deep and overstood, Life, Love


Because you knew my faults and overlooked them.
Because you knew my thoughts and how I overused them.
Still you welcomed me into your fold.
With your arms you shielded me from the cold.
Because my insanity was a plus.
Because being eccentric was no fuss.
Still you let me be crazy about you.
However uncommon the love was that I showed you.
Because you saw my heart for what it was.
Because you made my soul soar with just a pose.
Still you let me into thine heart.
Still our souls were entwined at last.
Because of this and much more.
Because for you I hold this door.
Still I love all that you are.
Still I make this vow.
Because we are still in love as when we first met.
Still the girl of my dreams.
Because reality with you is so sweet I don’t want to sleep.
Why dream when I can live the dream?
Why look for love when I already found it?
Because you still are the girl I met.
You still have those nerves of steel.
You are still the girl who will steal my love again, a second after this vow

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