Deep and overstood, Life, Love


Winter was coming, winter is coming, winter came.
Rubbed my palms as the embers died away.
The flickering light from them was extinguished all the same.
I could hear the wild animals’ cries mark the end of day.
It was going to be a dark thirty days.
We would miss even the low winter sun.
We had missed to prepare in so many ways.
We either had to stay and fight or run.
You can be sure what we chose.
For here we stand in all firmness.
The warmth had almost ebbed away, too close.
But we reached above the rafters and felt some dryness.
Yes, we had saved some wood for this tough time.
Some food and Russian vodka to keep warm.
So we brought out the glasses and some lime.
We enjoyed the present and did not care where we had just come from.
She cuddled with me soon and soon warmth had turned to heat.
I smiled as I always did when in love.
Our flame was burning again, hearts dancing to the same beat.
The fire fully stoked, as we made love in this cave.
What mattered was that spring would come soon after.
New things would come with it.
Some kids, marriage and new family.
And the house would never grow cold again with their laughter.
My flower had opened its bud, now a full lily.
Winter came, thank God it did not stay.

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