We are pumping iron.
Arms strong like Poseidon.
Marathon done.
Triathlon is just fun.
See these guns?
How this love runs?
She is crunching up her stomach.
Strengthening her six-pack.
On top of her I do these push ups.
Triceps get tighter with more laps.
Never tighter than she is.
Kegel exercises keep her at peace.
Aerobics, heart is pumping.
Kisses, man I’m jumping.
Mirror mirror on the wall.
Have you seen my baby doll?
My love is blind, thick as dumbbells.
Needed a swim, for her breast stroke I fell.
Now backstroking, dog stroking.
Port open, my ship docking.
Sweat, I need some towels.
It seems she lost all her vowels.
Weights are lighter, see them float.
She lies on my chest, see her gloat.
Calories burned, now limber.
She still wants to stroke my timber.
Another day, another dawn.
I will get back to my throne.