Deep and overstood

Let’s live in the present

Words are not enough, signs not so strong.

Yet I remain tough, till I sing my victory song.

This life proves to be rough, and this journey is long.

But with you by my side, we can forget about time.

We can live for the moment, and not worry about tomorrow.

For the moon changes the tide and I kind of always rhyme.

But all is lost in your scent, as a new leaf I do borrow.

Like a puppeteer, my actions you do mime.

And gracefully make me smile, turning me away from my sorrow.

Time will move as fast as we want it to.

And it will drag as long as we don’t take a leap of faith.

You will hold your breath as you watch what I do.

Live each moment, completely oblivious of death.

But I’m not a cynic, just too brave to realize.

In the tick of a second, all could be gone.

Yet nothing scares me, no matter its size.

But you send shivers up my spine, whenever you catch me alone.

But all this is folly, if we don’t act soon.

For our longing will burn us, like a vampire at high noon.

Just be mine and let’s live in the present.

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